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Racing Testimonials

Shaver Racing

May 21, 2001

       On April 28 and 29 Shaver racing was at the S C C A Regional Race at  Roebling Road, the S. P.O. class with a Goodies Dash Pontiac Sunfire with a V/6 Chevrolet motor. We ran S. P.O. at the end of last year and had brake problems. The good people at Performance Cryogenics said they could help us with our brake problem. I gave them our rotors to fix and the rest speaks for its self. At Savannah we didn't have a brake problem, in qualifying our Goodies Dash Sunfire was 2nd in  S. P. O. and 4th fastest overall. We won the 1st race. We started the 2nd  race and took the lead and lapped the field, all but the 2nd place car, and the brakes are still in good shape.

Thank you Performance Cryogenics,
L V Moore and  family

Sonny, Shaver Racing

Rear Ends

We manufacture rear ends for various race teams in all of the venues, some of the parts are manufactured in our shop and others are bought out right. We were having a problem of blowing out the metal in the mesh area of the gearing. We elected to use Performance Cryogenics to have them cryogenically process some gear sets for testing. When we inspected the test sets we found that most of the blowing out had stopped and we had a good clean wear pattern.

Cryogenics is not a bullet proof or the magic Silver bullet but it sure helps and for the cost factor it is well worth it.


Hall County Sheriff Department Brake Rotors

 Brake test results, Hall County Sheriff Department. 

"rotor life excellent, no sign of wear after 63,000 miles" and the rotors were left in service.

wpe38908.gif (526946 bytes)


Jake Raby 

Jake Raby, (Raby’s Aircooled Technology) was looking for a means to increase the reliability, performance and overall longevity in both street and professional racing applications, he found his answer when he teamed up with Performance Cryogenics Custom Thermal Cycling to process one of his most demanding applications, his 2.2 liter "Powerstroke" bus engine. The composition of the V W engine makes it a prime candidate for noticeable improvements from the "C T C" process. The aircooled V W engine expands and contracts at a higher rate than their watercooled counterparts. In conventional, untreated V W engines the expansion and contraction rates are extremely irregular and attribute to abnormal head leakage, excessive wear, premature fatigue and ultimately, failure. These abnormal rates of expansion and contraction result in more frequent service intervals and shorter lives, especially with higher performance applications. To prove the effects of this process Jake has put his bus thru the routine of carrying up to 2,000 pounds of engines/parts to shows across the South Eastern US, including the Appalachian Mountain regions of North Carolina and Tennessee. Not noted for a light foot, Jake has admittedly pushed his Type IV powered bus to new heights and pushed "the limits". He has even successfully completed a 7,000 R PM, 2nd gear burnout (not loaded with cargo) for over 30 seconds with no adverse effects to the engine with a modified stock "Cryoed" valvetrain (which is something previously unachievable without the Custom Thermal Cycling). Jake also notes that in his 1,000 mile valve clearance inspections, the valve clearances are "perfect" and have not needed adjustments in 15,000 HARD MILES, and counting. The cylinder head temperatures are read with multiple gauges and are "impressively consistent". He is now convinced with these findings and others similar to them, enough so, to endorse and offer the "C T C" process for his customers.

Raby’s Aircooled Technology is the only V W Specialty Engine Facility
that is an authorized representative of
Performance Cryogenics Custom Thermal Cycling.


Sorry to be so long in sending this note.  However, I have finished preparing my car for the Labor Day Weekend event at Road Atlanta and I can’t believe how good the rotors look.

Since you treated them this winter, we have run three events at Road Atlanta and a double event at Virginia International Raceway.  Normally by this point in the season, we are replacing rotors; but not this season.  Mine look great, very smooth, no radical grooves and no signs of cracks.

Now some of my more cynical competitors attribute this to not going fast enough!  But he truth is I am two seconds a lap faster than last year and looking to find more.

I really appreciate all the improvement your product has given me and the your total professional approach to the sport and your business.

I will continue to spread the word and look forward to a long-term relationship with you and “Performance Cryogenics.”  

Don A


Mazda RX-3




This year we ran our heavily modified 1998 Camaro SS in the Michelin One Lap of America. Prior to the event I installed Porsche 993 Turbo BIG RED brakes and had the cross-drilled rotors cryogenically treated by Performance Cryogenics in Cleveland, GA.

During the One Lap we logged over 6000 miles and 16 time trials at some of the fastest road courses in America.

 Since then I have run these rotors during 5 open track days and an additional 5000 miles.  The rotors have performed flawlessly showing minimal wear even under the most extreme braking conditions and absolutely no signs of cracks, neither around the holes nor anywhere else on the rotor.

  Not only has Lee's cryogenic process lived up to its billing, but his customer service is a model for others to follow.  He kept me informed throughout the process and delivered on or ahead of schedule.

  Will I go back?  Hell, I already have!

  John R. B



Lee -

  Here's an update:  just ran another 2 days at Watkins Glen which is very hard on brakes. Must have been on track 6 hrs and 500 miles. Checked the rotors at the end of the day when I swapped tires. Still not a hint of a crack anywhere.  I'm very happy - especially when I can remember what I'm happy about!

  John R. B



I'm shipping you a set of stock GM rotors Monday to see if cryo treating helps them to a longer life.

 My original Porsche rotors have just begun to show tiny cracks around some of the holes after now 14,000 miles, 16 time trials and 10 open track days. 

During that time I have gone through two complete sets of rear rotors even though they do only 15% of the braking. Amazing!

 John R. B




DATE:  MARCH 18, 2002



January 15th, 2002 Vehicle Services installed Cryogenic treated rotors on the front and rear of a 1998 Ford Crown Victoria Police Vehicle. The vehicle is driven by a traffic enforcement officer. This vehicle sustains high levels of maintenance due to it's driver's need to stop and go at rapid speeds. We feel this vehicle was an excellent candidate to test your product on. March 15th the vehicle came back in for scheduled service 5000 miles later. The mechanic checked the pads and rotors for wear and they still looked new. The front pads had a little or no wear and the brake rotors showed no sign of heat marks or warping. We are ordering Cryogenic treated rotors for all 49 Crown Victoria's in the Gainesville Police Department.

Thank you for a great product!

Russ Whitmire

Fleet Manager, Vehicle Services


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