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Motorsports Vehicle Technology

Associate of Applied Technology Degree


            The Motorsport Vehicle Technology degree program prepares the student for an entry level position in a racing team shop. Focus is on many forms of racing vehicles including, sports cars, stock cars, drag cars, and open wheel cars. Students will learn chassis set up, engine designs, brake systems, transmissions, electrical systems, fuel systems, and fabrication skills unique to racing vehicles. Students will also be taught precision measurement, math, and communication skills required of professional racing team members. Graduates of the program receive an Associate of Applied Technology Degree in Motorsports Vehicle technology.

Admission Requirements

         Submit a complete application with a nonrefundable $15 application fee

         Must be at least 16 years of age

         Take a placement test or submit appropriate SAT, ACT or COMPASS test scores.

         Submit official high school transcript or GED scores. (A high school diploma or

       equivalent is required for admission).

         Submit official college and/or other postsecondary transcripts, if applicable.

         Students are accepted Winter quarter based on space availability.

         Day classes only.

         A competitive admission process including competency testing and an interview is used to select applicants for the program.

 Tuition & Fees

         Fees for the program are $25.00 per credit hour. Additional quarterly fees include a $25.00 activity fee, $25.00 registration fee and a $4.00 insurance fee. Books and supplies cost extra.

         For more information, please call: 770.531.6333

Motorsports Vehicle Technology Internship Program

             All students in the Motorsports Vehicle Technology program at Lanier Technical College are required to serve two quarters (six months) as an intern in a motorsports related environment. During this time, they are a registered student with the school and not an employee or their internship sponsor. They are obligated to spend 36 hours a week as an intern. This can be a paid or unpaid situation depending on circumstances.

             Students sign a waiver of liability for the college and one for their internship sponsor (sample documents are available). During this time students are covered by their student insurance if they are participants in a plan. They are also responsible for their uniforms and professional appearances and actions. They are graded by their sponsor using a grading format and visits by their motorsports instructor.

             The internship is meant to be a learning experience and a reality check of their desire to be in motorsports. We appreciate the opportunity that intern sponsors offer these students and hope that we can provide future employees to the industry through these realistic experiences.



    During 1999, the Panoz Racing School went through a growth spurt that meant a change from servicing 16 racing school cars, to maintaining over 50 purpose built racing vehicles for it's school and the Women's Global GT series. Added to this schedule was the addition of 20 Porsches, 20 Subaru's, and 20 Saabs for factory sponsored driving schools. To say the least, the mechanical staff was spread thin. In search of help finding trainable employees, the Panoz organization turned to the local technical school for help. They contacted Lanier Technical College in Oakwood, Georgia and inquired about appropriate trainable employees coming out of their automotive training program. It was then that they learned that the automotive training program had been closed down the previous year for a variety of reasons. They also learned that the physical facilities were still intact and the school had no immediate plans for the facility. It was then also, that the forward thinking Panoz group came up with the idea an educational partnership with the college to help train racing mechanics for their organization. The Panoz Racing School would provide the cars and equipment: Lanier Technical College would provide the facility and hire the instructor. The plan was agreed on, the facility renovated, a veteran automotive teacher/ racer/ motorsports enthusiast was hired as the lead instructor and the cars and equipment were moved in. The new instructor Bud Hughes had a plan to utilize road race cars in the shop, and to also to include circle track drag racing and open wheeled cars and teams in the program. We now vehicles representing road racing, Winston Cup, Busch, ARCA, IRL, NHRA and regional racing series.

DscCR00007.jpg (93271 bytes)

    Fast forward to the fall of 2000 and the beginning of the Motorsports Technology Program at Lanier Technical College. Where are we now? As word got out about the program, NASCAR teams, NHRA teams and Indy Car teams, as well as several motorsports sponsors and suppliers expressed interest. The facility is now equipped to teach the basics in all of these racing venues, and that is the direction that we are proceeding in. Lanier Technical College welcomes the involvement of other racing teams and divisions to strengthen the curriculum and broaden the appeal of the program. The results are a win win situation for motorsports and educational partnerships.

    Our intent is to provide entry level, pre-qualified racing mechanics for as many various forms of motorsports as we can address. In addition to our hands on learning tasks, we will also address the math, science, communications skills, marketing and psychological aspects of working on a racing team. In addition, Lanier Technical College has also been approached by several other educational facilities that offer advanced training in race mechanics to offer their programs to our students once they graduate. We also have several teams and fabrication shops that utilize our students as apprentices and have hired our graduates. 

    The future outlook for this program is exciting however, we fully realize that we can not keep this program growing and providing the racing industry with talent on our own. We welcome and need to partnership with as many racing teams, sponsors and interested parties as possible. Feel free to offer your curriculum ideas, your time, expertise, vehicles or anything that you feel would help the cause of racing.

    This program is an investment in the future of racing. Bringing talented young people into the racing industry will keep it strong and ready to go forward.

DscCR00006.jpg (88286 bytes)        DscCR00012.jpg (91363 bytes)


    The Lanier Technical College Motorsports Vehicle Technology program prepares the student for an entry-level position in a racing shop or on a racing team. It also allows them background for a variety of automotive high performance careers. In addition, if a student were to choose a more traditional automotive career position, thy would have gained valuable background information to allow them to pursue that career path.

    Our program covers the basics of all the systems found on racing and high performance cars including:

*    Chassis set up and fabrication

*    Metal and composite fabrication

*    Fuel Systems

*    Transmissions

*    Brakes

*    Electrical

*    Machine Shop and Print reading

*    Tires and Wheels

*    Engine Building and testing

    DscCR00004.jpg (97783 bytes)

    We also require Math, Social Science, Psychology, and English as academic subjects to be taken every quarter. Our academic requirements are expanded for those students in our Associate Degree program.

    Since about 68% of all major racing team shops are located in a 300 mile stretch of highway 85 from Charlotte to Florida, the career exploration opportunities are plentiful. Presently our interns are working in the following positions.

*    Panoz LeMans Prototype Team

*    The Richard Petty Driving Experience in Charlotte engine & chassis shops

*    The Panoz GTS race car manufacturing facility

*    Hav A Tampa dirt car series - crew member

*    Southern All Stars, super late model series Driver & Crew member

*    Atlanta Dragway - starting line crew member and car tech inspector

*    NAPA automotive engine shop

*    Warren Johnson Racing

*    Mercedes specialty shop

    In the Near future we will have a program allowing the Mechanical Engineering students from Clemson University to attend Lanier Tech. for hands on experience. In addition out students will be eligible to participate in Clemson's Master Degree program in NASCAR Engineering, after they earn the appropriate Mechanical Engineering Degree.

Motorsports Vehicle Technology

Educational Partners and Contributors

             The following companies have contributed vehicles, products or technical training to the

Motorsports Vehicle Technology program.

Atlanta Dragway                                                 Meguiars Finishes

 Brembo Brakes                                                   Outlaw Industries

 B.O.C. Gases                                                       Panoz Auto Development

 BBS Wheels                                                          Panoz Racing, Lemans Prototype Team

 Chick-Fil-A                                                          Performance Cryogenics

 Cintas Uniforms                                                   Pirelli Tires

 Elan Power Products                                          Poly Dyn Coatings

 Fel-Pro gaskets                                                   Pyroil Chemicals

 G - Force industries                                            Rebco Racings Enterprises

 Goodridge Products                                          Road Atlanta

 Barry Grant, Inc.                                                 Slack Auto Parts

 Harris Calorific                                                    Slack Machine Shop

 Headman Headers                                            Super Flow

 Lanier National Speedway                              The Richard Petty Driving Experience

 Lenco                                                                   Transmission Technologies

 Lincoln Welding                                                 TTC Transmissions


Guest Speakers

Dennis Robarge - Atlanta Dragway

 Jan Magnussen - LMP driver, European formula 1 driver

 David Brabham - LMP driver, Formula 1 driver

 Carl Peters - Lincoln Welding

 John Anderson - Lincoln Welding

 Joel Grewett - Panoz Auto Development

 Luis Romo - Panoz Auto Development

 Mike Thomas - Hedman Headers

 Beau Barfield - Panoz raCING School

 Andy Wallace - Panoz LMP team manager

 Dan Elliott - Thunder Road

 Gene Roberts - Steve Dale Racing (former Bill Elliott crew chief)

Steve Johnson - Snap On Racing

 Lem Rich - Primerica Financial Management

 Bill Baker - BBS Wheels

 Kyle Ragsdale - Richard Petty Driving Experience

 Frank Iaconia - G - Force Racing

 Carl Benton - Polymer Cryo Genics

Tony Delucia - Meguiars Finishes

 Bob Varsha - Speed Channel

 Warren Johnson - 6 time NHRA Pro-stock Champion

 John Vieth - TTC Transmissions

 Steve Dale - Gene Roberts, Joey Clanton - Steve Dale Racing

 Derek Daly - ESPN Speed Channel

 Lee Moore - Performance Cryogenics


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